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ebookk.pro is a professional karaoke track list management system.

Built by a pro karaoke host, for the modern karaoke host.

We built this software to ensure clarity for karaoke guests while enhancing functionality and versatility for hosts.

Smart Cataloging

Our list uses metadata of files in your library in order to better catalog your entries.

In addition to artist and title, we use file creation dates, so guests can find your newest tracks easily.

Our searching algorithm does partial-word matching and searches across several fields, so users will never have trouble finding the track they're looking for.

Accessible Editing

We've built software which will make a list update nothing more than the click of a button. Our custom, highly-configurable list uploader will take your list and automatically populate your catalog right before your eyes.

An uploaded list can be browsed immediately after upload, and any problems in the list can be edited on-the-fly and reported back to you, giving you a tool to help maintain your list for years to come.

Friendly Support

We're here to make sure your show runs as smoothly as possible. If something is not working the way you'd like it to, we're available and ready to improve our software to ensure it fits every host's needs.

Our goal is to develop a versatile tool which functions to take the manual labor out of your song book management. We utilize tools to detect duplicate songs, correct misspelled songs, and give users a fast and versatile interface.